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: yes, one of the busiest target stores in the 10th largest city in america. all about keeping them safe. at the same time, boosting sales. for us, it's a lesson in retail science. >> they only let in groups of 30 people at a time. just like the metering ramp on the onramp to freeway rush hour. and they also used shopping carts to block off the aisle, accomplishing two things. and it also forced those people to walk past the sale items strategically placed. they would likely grab them and then toss them in the shopping cart. hot items were a 15-inch flat screen lcd for $350. sony ps3 and an xbox for $200 a piece. we caught up with the first people in line who had second thoughts about the madness of black thursday shopping. >> let me ask, was it worth it? >> not really. i would never do it again. >> why not? >> because i could probably get this deal online a lot faster and i don't have to deal with the crowd. >> reporter: you are learning a valuable black friday lesson? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: surprisingly the first person in line started waiting at 5:30 tonight. and then left the dir
century. what we can learn about america with an autopsy on the twinkie. >>> steady rain falling all across our area tonight. you are looking at sam and selma right now. paul as a look at the radar. and you won't believe what it shows. >> a lot of rainfall north of the golden gate. and that's been the focus all evening long. yellows and oranges. that's a rainfall rate of .5 inches per hour. santa rosa, novato. a bit of a break for san rafael. look at the lack of rain from san francisco south of san jose back up to oakland. it's all in the north bay right now. but that's going to change. weather. his job was to protect a >> check live for your neighborhood anytime you want. >>> his job was to protect and 7. now a -- and serve. now a former police channeder is in trouble with -- commander is in trouble with the law himself. he and his wife are accused of trying to swindle an elderly woman out of her estate. >> it makes me sad that people would prey on the elderly like that. and especially under the guise of being a police officer. >> reporter: too upset and disturbed to be identified t
in america's most densely pop you lated area. >> he was a source of strength in an oakland community that desperately need add leader. the promise made by the chief of police after mr. marcus was shot and killed in his own store. >> unexpected. >> in berkeley the search for a wounded deer and whoever decided to shoot it with a bow and arrow. >>> good evening i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. new damage estimated from superstorm sandy could make it the second most expensive storm in u.s. history after hurricane katrina. the estimates are between $30 and $50 billion. that includes economic losses, property damage and lost business. 90 people are known to have died in the storm. that number could go up. 4.5million people in 12 states are still without power tonight. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin has more now. >> reporter: some of the subway lines are rolling again. many people are finding recovery slow. they're out of gas, out of food, and out of patience. tensions flair on the road to new york city. traffic jams and gas lines stretched for miles in a commute of chaos. >> get in front
wife by his side, that one of america's most decorated generals took the oath of office as cia director. today he resigned in disarrays. in a statement -- in disgrace." i showed extremely poor judgment by gentlemen of engaging in an extra marital affair." the affair came to light during an investigation that started months ago. officials became concerned about e-mails he exchanged with his biographer. >> it's sad. >> reporter: cbs 5 military analyst colonel brendan carney met him during his book tour >> she acknowledged she had been given unfetterred access to him. >> does that seem suspicious to you when you think back? >> in 31 years of being around an awful lot of general officers, i've never heard of anybody having the type of access that she had. and was i suspicious? no. i'm not going to give myself credit for that. >> reporter: the white house insists it knew nothing about the investigation until petraeus told the president after the election. his confession comes at a sticky time for the cia. he was scheduled to testify next week in closed door congressional hearings about the
he tries to seek medical attention. >>> one of america's biggest cities is facing a serious safety problem. a shortage of police officers. facing lower wages and cut benefits, more officers in san jose are resigning. there are new less than 1,000 officers in that department available for full duty. and only 70% of those are out on the street. cbs 5 reporter kid doe says there is a silver lining. >> reporter: he caught a burglar red-handed in his bedroom. >> surprising. you don't expect somebody in your home that doesn't belong there. >> reporter: he used to be the neighborhood watch vice president and says there have been about 10 break-ins in the past six months. >> we're a very large city with a very small force. when things go wrong, we need officers there to support us and be the law. >> reporter: san jose police have written a special memo to the city. >> the numbers are not good. and they are not going to be good for some time. >> reporter: they went from a high of 1 four 20 officers to 194 today -- 1,094 today. minus detective, the port staff, and administration, you're left
in america? >> it is. you have a lot of companies within the u.s. making products in the u.s. and are hugely profitable. >> and still providing the types of benefits to their worker that is we consider when we say good jobs? are they still providing that or is it more part-time with less benefit in the in other words, where is the balance between the corporation and the labor in america. >> in the last few years we have seen the balance has gone toward the corporation. labor, especially when we are talking about unskilled labor in general, they are becoming less and less powerful. what we are seeing is that the labor market in the u.s. is getting very fragmented. at the top you have the employees of the googles and the apples who command very big premiums. and at the other end, we have companies like hostess that employee lots of unskilled labor. >> but do they have a future in america? >> they don't have the same kind of future, no. that is one of the things that as a society we have to think about. how do we balance those two very practicingmented markets because -- two very fragmente
and the frustration on the island often called the biggest small town in america. >>> among all the damage and suffering, it is seemingly the one problem that really touched a nerve. why the new york city marathon became such a lightning rod in the wake of the storm. >>> and it turns out one car was not as advertised. how owners will be compensated for some bad math. >>> good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. frustrations and anger mounting over gas shortages, power outages and relief supplies four days after super storm sandy. here's the latest. 110 deaths are now blamed on that storm. and that number is expected to rise as more bodies are found in destroyed homes. just over 3 million people are without power and that is down from more than 8 million during the height of the storm. and more than 47,000 runners have been told this weekend's new york marathon has been canceled. >>> among the hardest hit area is staten island new york. the body of two people strapped by a 13-foot surge of water were found today. one was hanging out a window. a few hours before, one woman escaped wi
, but you may not know is california now ranks in the top 10 worst commute in america. and there's a reason so many people are driving solo aching matters worse. >> headlights are coming to the east bay. every day of the week, despite efforts to get us out of our cars, 73% of the still drive alone. on a regular weekday commute, it's the worst in the state. 32 minutes on average for most commuters and some even longer. >> in terms of california that's the longest. and more residents proportionately are commuting an hour or more to their jobs. >> join him in compiled survey data and confirmed that california traffic is bad but not as bad as we might have thought. >> almost three quarters of us still tend to drive alone to our jobs. maybe 11% of us carpool and statewide about 5% of us are taking public transit. >> they're is a program in california, maybe not well known but it is the law called the catch-up program. employers who do offer free parking to their employees are supposed to offer a subsidy. you are supposed to get the value of that parking space. >> people can ask for it. that's so
of central america rocked by a powerful earthquake. where the damage is most concentrated when we come back. where the death toll contins to rise from a powerul earhquake. . >>> have developing news out of guatemala where the death toll continues to rise from a powerful earthquake, 7.4 magnitude quake off the southwest coast this morning shaking buildings as far away as mexico city. right now 48 people reported dead. most from the mountain village of san marcos. 30 homes this collapsed but there is damage in all but one of the country's 22 states. this is the worst ert quake since 1976 when 23,000 people were killed. >>> the california man blamed for sparking a wave of violent protests in the middle east had spend a year in prison but not because of the film he's produced. mark yousef violated his patrol by obtaining a driver's license under a false name. . >>> live in santa clara, just ended between the quakes and the galaxy. if the quakes win they go to the conference finals. what happened in just a moment. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. ho
states of america that you would be without power and heat for 11 days. >> reporter: they gas up the generator 11 times per day and wait for the power to come back on. >> without this life-sustaining equipment, we would be in the hospital. >> reporter: crafton is lucky to have a roof over her head. other families have lost their homes entirely. mark strasman, cbs muse, del mar, new jersey. >> and our sandy relief telethon that we had today raised nearly $135,000 to benefit the red cross. if you'd still like to help out, go to >>> and we're getting a first look at the loot allegedly belonging to a pair of female serial burglars. today, officers showed us some of the stolen stuff they found in the women's car. police believe these women are bind 15 residential burglaries since june. >> to be honest, it was surprising to see the magnitude of the items that were found with and the distance that we believe was traveled to cute these burglaries. >>> checking some headlines now, san francisco police are looking for two women who pepper sprayed another woman and took her cell
america. we've got the strange story of the security guru now wanted for questioning in the murder case. >> reporter: the everyone they thought they knew is long gone. >> he's a very smart guy. very accomplished guy. >> he's a guy that has some dark demons. he took this photo, believed just a few months ago. he says that he had deteriorated from the repeated use of the bath salts, showing the psych yachtic behavior. that allowed him to do whatever he wants. unfortunately it is sometimes being very destructive. >> reporter: on sunday they found the body in the neighbor's home shot in the back of the head. he has since disappeared and wanted for questioning. in fact tonight, he's been calling a reporter at wired magazine who tweeted that he just called now. i'm at depth in hiding. i'll do whatever it takes to stay alive. >> he's going to say until proven guilty. but he is a man who has frightened his neighbors. people are scared of him. from the sale of his company in santa clara. but the local police, they later raided his home and seized these guns. looking for drugs, but the charges we
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association of america says it's one of the best ways to catch them in the act. how much are they? >> $5. >> reporter: the streets are where movie pirates make their profit. we found dozens of movies for sale. some still in theaters. nine out of ten are recorded in theaters before being uploaded online or packaged and sold on the cheap. theaters are patrolling for pirates at midnight showings of block busters. one rep told us it's a serious threat to the industry. we're after the professionals who are out to make a profit. investigators will be watching. despite that security you might have guessed pirates still slip through the cracks. we did find that twilight movie is already online and ready to be downloaded for those who are willing to break the law. >> the clock is ticking for twin twinkies. it's all due to an ongoing labor dispute. they say it simply cannot survive. >> reporter: hostess workers stayed on the picket line despite a threat from the company that it would liquidate this bakery and others this afternoon. >> he didn't seem to be scared. >> no. fight for my rights. and f
. with the conflict never ending, i asked if american money is going to waste. >> america is investing in maintaining the peace in the region and also the american interests in the region. >> reporter: the u.s. has given money albeit much less, almost $200 million to the palestinians. about you that money only goes to the palestinian authority in the west bank, and not to gaza. >>> tonight, the woman who has taken a lot of heat in the aftermath of the benghazi attack spoke directly to her critics. for weeks, un ambassador susan rice has been attacked by john mccain for participating in what he describes as a cover-up. >> the president and this administration has either been guilty of colossal incompetence or engaged in a cover-up. >> mccain says rice made misleading comments in the days immediately following the benghazi attack. rice is being considered for secretary of state, and some republican senators have vowed to block that nomination. today she spoke publicly about the controversy. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and squarely on the informatio
sales were up 24% over last year. anthony mason tells us the web is becoming the -- america's marketplace. >>'s biggest shipping center in arizona is the size of 28 football fields. last cyber monday, the busiest day of the year, they processed 200s per second. the vice president says they expect business this year will be even better. >> we have hired and are kopting to hire 50,000 seasonal workers to meet customer demand. >> that's in addition to the 20,000 full-time employees. >> we need a new word for busy. >> across the country, online sales account for only about 10% of all holiday purchases. >> the share of sales happening online is still fairly e low, however, the internet influences now about 50% of what consumers buy. >> because shoppers look for sales and compare deals online before they buy. online sales jump more than 20% o on monday. . >> jill, a retail aj list with ibm which monitors 500 retailers says shopping was heavy throughout thanksgiving day. . >> people were buying during the traditional thanksgiving dinner time. >> that's right. i
pushing to have a trial or release, and i think it'll be stronger in america. and that could make the difference in finally these men will get a trial. >> i think americans would be on edge. >> reporter: some say the prospect of bringing terrorist into the u.s. pours salt into deep wounds. >> it's still fresh, even though it's been year, and to have them living on the same soil, it's just uncomfortable. and i think it's unfair to americans. >> reporter: the report says detainees could be held in six department facilities that are only half full. and the centers would have to be modified first to improve security. >>> running from new york city to san francisco. the incredible journey that 8 million people are following. why it's really a story of friendship that listens on. >> the new coffee that starbucks thinks you're going to pay $7 for. >> and a $580 million jackpot up for grabs tonight. when california is going to get in on the action. with lung cancer has inspira unique journey.. from new y, to san francisco. cbs 5's dr. kim mulvihill hs of a lifelong >>> a bay area athlete'
, bank of america are corporate sponsors. >> reporter: think you made an important point. you want to make sure we highlight and -- . >> absolutely. >> tyler of the san francisco author's luncheon, we'll be right back. >> thank you very much. san francisco celebrated die ertos -- the day . >>> honoring the dead with life entertainment. >> that is how san francisco celebrated dia de los muertos, the day of the dead. it was honored in the fifth annual day concert at davies symphony hall. and that is a full crowd. of course, plenty of skeletons hanging around. >> we're not talking about skeletons but might move to something scary. >> and a decision that is sure to strike up controversy. he's more. good morning, everybody. we have news on the warriors small forward, brandon rush on friday's home opener and he is out for the year. yesterday, and he will have surgery and he's out and he was out in los angeles. no problem for the unbeaten, warriors on the road and there is a three-ball right there. as clay thompson knocked down the shop and -- this is ridiculous. they hold on to win 114-1
together nearly 2,000 people. >> here in america we get a lot of things for christmas and mostly what we get in the stocking is what is going in the shoe box. and i could have -- across the whole world may receive a toothbrush for the first time. >> reporter: often times the children who get the boxes, this is the first time they've ever received a gift of any kind. what's one word you can use to describe what these kids feel when they open the box? >> love. >> well, last year, there were 42,000 shoe boxes collected in sacramento. the goal for today's packing party was 8,000 boxes and they exceeded their goal by 600. boxes will be collected until the end of the year. >>> the earth moves and a place we don't normally expect it. what scientists are saying about the bluegrass quake. >> a new breed of muscle car makers muscling into the spotlight. who's behind a new show piece causing quite a stir. several neighboring states e startled today by a rare earthquake. >>> people in kentucky and several states were startled today by a rare earthquake. people are evaluating the damage after the 4.3
america from the phonies that currently dominate. >> he believes in lower taxes, less government spending, and more civil liberties. when ron paul dropped out of the presidential race, ramsey looked for a new outlet for his political energy. >> the super packs were able to facilitate a conversation. you provide voters access. >> democrat tim bishop, a five term new york congressman, was the target of another small super pack created to remove him from office. >> big hearts beat big checks every day of the week. >> he was hit by $1 million in negative ads and direct mail from prosperity for us. $750,000 came from one constituent. hedge fund manager, robert mercer. he declined to answer questions, but bishop believes he might have been motivated by bishops vote for new financial industry regulation. >> what it was designed to do is to fix some of the systemic problems that resulted in the worst financial collapse this country has had since the great depression. >> bishops was one of 63 house races this year where outside groups like super packs spent $1 million or more. >> what i fear we ar
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